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Surround sound on Razer kraken TE

  • 16 February 2019
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Hello, recently I bought myself a Razer kraken TE headset(black) and I cannot hear any surround sound in it(thx). Whenever I play games I can't tell where I'm getting shot from(before I had a pair of cheap headphones and I could tell perfectly). Also I don't know if it has anything to do with it(the surround sound didn't work from the beggining)about 4 weeks ago when I tried the headphones I heard a loud buzzing sound whenever sound was supposed to play(only Skype worked fine[and teamspeak]). I fixed that by disabling the Razer kraken TE-game in my device manager thinking it will disable the whole headset but it then when I tried playing sound after they were disabled they didn't buzz anymore. I'm really confused and sad because I really wanted to level up my game by buying these but all I did was handicapped myself. Thanks for any help!

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2 Replies

Ok, i had a same issue, and managed to fix it (almost).
1. - Check if you have Razer surround installed. If you have - uninstall it, it seems Kraken doesn't work with razer surround, it uses its THX.
2. The best settings for me was to uninstall synapse 3 completely, and go with default windows settings. I know, strange, but it seems Razer did a shity job with this software, so default windows settings is a best way to go for now. Now I have stereo surround, and I know where enemy is shooting from. MAin problem that I almost don't hear footsteps in game like Apex Legends. I hear them realy quitly, but at least I can tell direction now.

3. You can try to put 3,5 mm jack to computer, not to its USB dongle and check if there is any difference.

Many somebody has any other advice?
Got the same problem and fixed it in your way at least i can hear from where i get shot now. Thanks man