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Synapse 3 issue with Tartarus v2

  • 19 April 2019
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hi i've bought a Tartarus v2 last year, everything was working fine but since a few weeks i can't acces my keypad option in synapse, can't config keybinds, macro, light and other stuff.

The "Keypad" tab on synapse disappeared, i tried uninstalling synapse, deleting every razer folders and re installing, switching USB port etc yet nothing worked.

I'm still able tu use the keypad but without macro or keybinds control so its just half of a keyboard... kinda useless ...

Does anyone knows where the issue is ?

(sorry for broken english, its not my main language)

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2 Replies

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Try to remove it from windows. Go to windows device menager find your keypad and remove it unplug and reboot pc when windows boot plug it back windows will install driver for device.
Hi there, @smartInchwormload038! Are you still having the same issue with your Tartarus V2? If so, please do send me a PM together with the serial number of your device and the link of this thread. Let's continue from there.

*Moving thread to Support Forum for visibility.