Synapse messing with Windows Sleep Mode II. (topic revisited after 2 years) | Razer Insider

Synapse messing with Windows Sleep Mode II. (topic revisited after 2 years)

  • 11 March 2023
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I am coming back to this topic after approx 2 year.

Referring to this (meanwhile closed) thread: 

Synapse messing with Windows Sleep Mode | Razer Insider

Razer must have tried to solve the issue somehow, but it didn’t work.

Why I say/think this:

recently (March 2023) my computer didnt go automatically to sleep - again (even though I set it up so).

I remembered that I had this issue, where my Razer Kraken headset somehow interfered with sleep mode, and I had to disable the “Nvidia audio device” in Windows Device Manager to make sleep work again.

I did not change anything in my computer, but this time I had to disable “Realtek audio device” (instead of Nvidia audio), that made my automatic sleep work again.

So maybe, Razer changed something in Synapse to tackle this issue, but it seems to shift the problem from one device to another (to be disabled in order to make sleep mode work again with a plugged in Kraken Headset).

See my original post below (so you dont have to jump there and back)


--- original post from the above mentioned thread below ---

Hello again,

I just tried the steps from buzzForestGreenWeb889

(see his post above from dec 26 2020)

Did the following:

0. set display sleep time to 1 min
1. started powershell with admin rights, and ran the command: "powercfg /energy /trace /d c:\\temp /duration 120"
2. waited, did not touch the computer, after one minute my screen switched off and on again (this is the issue, it does not stay off)
3. downloaded "Windows Performance Analyzer" from the Microsoft store, and opened the etl file saved to c:\\temp from step 1. above
4. expanded the "Power" graph on the left side, and drag-an-dropped the "Device Dstate" sub-graph to the right (analysis window)
5. around the 55th second I found a monitor activity in the graph (click on it), and right after, 56th second there was another device activity, supposedly the one which "cancelled" the monitor sleeping process. To my surprise it was the "Nvidia High Definition Audio" device

I disabled Nvidia HD Audio in the Windows Device Manager, and the PC monitor is now switching off after a minute, as it should (based on the current windows settings).

In summary:
A. Kraken TE usb dongle connected + Nvidia HD Audio enabled => monitor unable to enter sleep, NOT OK

B. Kraken TE usb dongle DISconnected + Nvidia HD Audio enabled => monitor sleep is OK

C. Kraken TE usb dongle connected + Nvidia HD Audio DISabled => monitor sleep is OK

does not make much sense to me, how could those two devices be connected to each other? I dont even use the Nvidia HD Audio (it is the sound from the graphics card I think, via HDMI cable to the monitor which has speakers)

My only idea is that somehow the Kraken TE is interfering with the Nvidia HD Audio device rendering the monitor unable to sleep.

Hope this helps someone.

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Thank you this worked for me also.

Just wanted to add that I was having the same issue with a Razer Kraken v3 Hypersense, monitor unable to sleep, unplugging headset would work but not preferred. Disabling nvidia HD audio also resolved the issue.

Thank you so much, this has been driving me bonkers for months and your advice fixed my sleep issue!