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The latest Synapse is buggy when CORE ISOLATION is enabled

  • 25 August 2021
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The latest Synapse won't launch when core isolation->memory integrity is enabled in Windows Defender. However, the previous driver won't cause any issue when this switch is turned on.

The service does running, but none function works(not even the Synapse main window launches).

Software: Razer Synapse 3.6.0731.072613 with MICRO module 3.6.0331.030512 (both are latest)

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1 Reply

You can clean reinstall your Synapse by following the steps on this page. If the problem persists, please gather your Synapse logs of your by following this guide. You can upload the log files on Google Drive and send me the sharable link. Here's how to find the shareable link for the files:

1. Open a file in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides. In the top right corner, click Share.
2. Click "Get shareable link" in the top right of the "Share with others" box.
3. To choose whether a person can view, comment, or edit the file, click the Down arrow next to the "Anyone with the link." down arrow icon.

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