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THX spacial audio not working with kraken tournament edition.

  • 20 March 2023
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Have had Kraken TEs for about 2 years now, never figured out how to get THX surround sound to work. I’ve got windows 11 and I’ve recently tried getting THX to work with no success. I’ve followed youtube videos from razer, tried repairing the app, but i simply cannot get the audio (THX spacial - synapse) option to work, or even play on my headphones. Seeing as there are many such posts with replies from razer themselves where people STILL haven’t found a fix, i’d like to try out my luck here.  (Razer audio controller - chat) has always worked normally, with no issues. My expectations are pretty low here, but if anyone has any suggestions, im open to trying anything.

1 Reply

I have also had the same issue. Chat and Game mode are fine. THX is spotty at best. its working now. I used device manager. highlighted the sound video and game controllers. went down to the THX and add legacy hardware. used the manual option. chose Razer. I think I did it three times?  also I went and installed the THX spatial app and let it update  synapse from its menu. never activated it...rebooted. THX mode started working again. Have noticed that Discord app seems to mess with THX mode