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THX spatial audio - Activation code invalid

  • 7 January 2023
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I recently purchased a razer blackshark v2X as my other pair of headphones broke. I was initially very happy with them and I downloaded the THX spatial audio and used the 15 day trial to see if it was worth my time and it definitely was. When I went to scratch my card that has the code, the first set of numbers didn't becomes revealed and were destroyed when I tried to scratch the silver layer away. I went to the website in search of support and found that this must be a relatively common problem as there is an automated system for dealing with this specific issue. That would have been great if the code the system gave me actually worked. Instead when I copy paste the code it simply says it is invalid. headphones are no so quiet even at full volume because of the lack of eq settings that were present during the trial of THX that I can barely talk to friends on discord. I have searched deeply but it really seems as if there is no direct email given to contact support so I have come here looking for a solution.

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