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USB-C Dock issues - Razer Blade 14

  • 15 August 2022
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I have a Razer Blade 14 (RZ09-0370) and searched high and low for a suitable USB-C Docking Station to suit my needs.
I finally landed on Dell Docking Station - WD19S 180W:

I operate two of these docking stations - one for both work and home environment.
Both set-ups use the single USB-C cable to laptop for connectivity and power delivery.
Other connections are Ethernet and 2x Display Port 1.4 to power dual monitors.
Apart from that its the occasional USB device.

I recently began encountering an issue where the USB-C connection to PC (with power delivery) would intermittently disconnect and then mostly reconnect relatively quickly. This wasn't limited to the power delivery only as the monitors and ethernet would also disconnect.
If the USB-C cable is left plugged in, it would continue randomly with the only variance being the time between each disconnection. Sometimes it could be seconds where as other times it could be minutes before the next drop out occurs - but nonetheless it continues to disconnect and reconnect causing chaos with open windows and pages.
When the drop out occurs, the led light on the USB-C cable connection also blinks off/on.

When this issue first came about I thought it may have coincided with a recent firmware update that I completed on the dock. I ended up buying a replacement dock and the issue reared its ugly head today.

I perceived this to be happening at random (*no idea why) so it was impossible to replicate the issue, however I did note that when it occurred today it was when the laptop was in use and charging from around 80% - this would coincide with the last time it occurred as the laptop was in use and charging in my office environment after using it off charge the night before at home.
The issue has not occurred in my home docking environment as its mostly used on battery and then charged whilst not in use. i.e. used in docking mode at full charge.

At this point I disconnected the docking station USB-C cable and plugged in my 100W GAN Charger and got the level to around 99% then switched back over to the USC docking station and has been stable ever since with battery level at full.

Of further note, when using this USB-C docking station I occasionally receive the "More Power Required" notification however Razer Support material state that "This is not an issue and is expected behavior."

I'm not convinced this is an issue with the docking station itself and hopeful it could be a BIOS setting or similar that needs to be adjusted on the Blade 14.

I've tried to include as much information here as possible but happy to provide further information if its of assistance.

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2 Replies

Any ideas what the cause could be ?
Razer intentionally did this and won't admit it. I have two Blade 14s that are exhibiting the same behavior, and they are just coming back and telling me to use their own chargers and this isn't supported. I've emailed the CEO, and I get nothing back. I stated that I wanted them to take their laptops back and refund me but they refused. I would suggest reporting Razer to the relevant government regulatory agencies as well as seeking what class action legal remedies we might have available to us against these Apple wannabes. They aren't going to help you. I would suggest emailing [email][/email] to let him know how you feel about his products.