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what the purpose of on board memory

  • 20 March 2023
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while the software is  closed  you couldn’t use your saved profiles  till you relaunch the synaps ? LUL

for example my scr lk I change it to launching the synaps software “ on board memory “ if I closed the synaps I couldn’t launch it while using on board memoy

and on my naga pro v2 I can’t even save or use any profile but the default

“ and don’t tell my to change the product I choose what I prefer not what you tell me to “ you promoted that you could use on board memory and there is switch for that purpose “ profile  button on the bottom of  the  mouse

and there is third problem when I switch my naga pro v2 to bluetooth mode for other device and switch back to 2.4hz I couldn’t use synaps till I closed and relaunch it again 


1 Reply

I think the idea is to have less software using resources on your system while also providing an option to try and store layouts/bindings on the mouse so you dont need to install synapse on every computer you wanna plug the mouse into especially if temporary. Like say on your friends computer, or if you have two places where you live with 2 different computers maybe.

I have found them to really only be helpful for troubleshooting pc vs mouse issues.

For example some of the bugs in logitechs software can be isolated/fixed by switch from or to onboard memory profiles.

I also think i read somewhere that some specific use cases can also provide faster response or something from the device if you are running it off onboard but i cant pinpoint when or where i read that as it doesnt seem very applicable or make much sense either.


PS: I avoid the onboard memory stuff as ive never found it reliable or had much use forit, however i still do love the option for troubleshooting purposes.