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Alexa, Meet Razer

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We’re thrilled to announce the integration of Amazon Alexa with our Razer Chroma ecosystem, including over 500 Razer Chroma-compatible devices and smart-lighting (ft. @HuePhilips):

A voice command is all it takes to control lighting effects, manage settings, carry out computing tasks and more through Razer Synapse 3. So take the next step towards a smarter home and get the Chroma party started with Alexa - try it now:

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Cant wait to tell Alexa to turn on disco mode and watch the rainbow wave go all throughout my room. 😃
Perfect time to release this when you are sitting in your room bored out of your mind during this pandemic.
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Glad to see this finally released!
Ooh, I'm Quick To the Draw Finally. Or.. The Read. Just Sad Im Not Typing This On An Ever Expensive Piece Of Perfect, Or Voice Typing With The Krakened Kraken Of A Perfect Monster For Your Head. Ive Got The Alexa, Just Need The Party Chroma Room Mode. Now I Just Need That Huntsman Elite and That Kraken. Maybe Some Silver, But thats too slow earning...
I have a quick question. I asked Alexa to open Chroma Party and it worked perfectly with my music. Now, after I'm done listening to music, my Chroma devices are dark. How do I make it go back to my lighting setting?

I have tried the commands - Alexa, open Razer and turn off Chroma Party" and the other variations I could think of. I can go into Razer Synapse>Connect and toggle the button to switch off Chroma Apps, but that doesn't serve my purpose.

Is there a command to Start the Chroma party and when I am done listening to music, I can stop the party and my lighting goes back to normal??

I am confused. Any help would be appreciated.
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Holy Moly...I love it! 💚 Razer Chroma for the Win! 😍
Ohh La La! Razer Chroma getting better as time goes on.
Dang, this just gets better and better as quarantine goes on.
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Hello Friends,

It's really perfect to have an interconnection with Amazon Alexia technology in the Razer Chroma ecosystem.
But I am wary of Alexia, because she constantly wants to seduce my boyfriend with her sexy female bot voice. lol
Can this be linked to all Alexa-powered devices e.g. amazon echo dot/spot? Can you provide the list of Alexa devices that can be integrated Chroma and Philips Hue? Not for nanoleaf, right?
Ooooooh Alexa☺😋😍😚😛 ...XD
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Wow this is so cool! Will Razer Chroma able to be linked with Xiaomi Smart Home Hub soon?
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Nice feature, i'm waiting to tell Alexa to turn on/off my pc and start my games.
Alexa set lighting to Audio Meter
Alexa this is so cool. Play Despacito.
Yay finally an Alexa integration, much awaited feature! Cant wait to try it out. :smile_:
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Vote for Razer creating their own voice AI called "snake"!
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as a fan of both alexa devices and razer, this is huge news to me!
Noice! Now I will have another purpose for the Echo sitting on my desk.
Nice feature, can't wait to try it.
Alexa set lighting to Audio Meter
Alexa this is so cool. Play Despacito.

I can't play from Amazon Music on that device
Alexa and Razer a match made in heaven
sounds nice 🙂
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Alexa clubbing mode on: bumtz bumtz bumtz bumtz
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Great to see more and more Chroma integrations. Keep it UP!
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this is great