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ALL Profiles and Keybinds GONE

  • 15 June 2022
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Has anyone else experienced all of their device profiles and keybinds get randomly deleted....without ANY user input? I attempted to play a game and my keybinds were not working only to discover the profile for my mouse for that specific game was missing. After looking more ALL of my keybind profiles were missing....for all 4 of my Razer devices. Tried a reboot, nothing. Tried to check for updates; all updated. Checked my wife's PC, same issue; ALL profiles and keybinds deleted.

All profiles and keybinds worked perfectly only 8 hours before. Shutdown for the night and got back on this morning...everything gone.

Did software developers responsible for Logitech GHUB go to work for Razer?

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3 Replies

Yes, this happened to me, and many others.

I lost my macros and profiles. I have backed up (I don't use their cloud crap, I use Synapse as a "guest"), but every time I reload everything and setup the lighting effects again, they get nuked after the next restart.

I wonder if some built-in certificate expired or there's some other time bomb bug that's causing profiles to not be properly loaded. It's pretty ridiculous that Razer hasn't acknowledged the issue. I've seen people posting about it on Twitter to their support account too.
Dang, that sucks that it gets wiped again every restart. I guess I can count myself lucky that I have avoided that. I saw on reddit and twitter where others were also experiencing profiles getting wiped on every restart.

Something else that caught my attention were people reporting these types of issues as far back as 2013 (that I saw). 9 years and this is still an issue. Sad.

So far setting up new profiles has held, survived a PC restart and the forced synapse update this morning.
So, I was wrong. All of my profiles were there, but all of the keybinds and lighting changes were reset to default.