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Binding mouse sensitivity clutch to ctr key and still using ctr function.

  • 19 July 2023
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I just purchased a Razer mouse and found I needed a Razer keyboard to bind mouse function to keyboard keys. 

So now I have both and I’m trying to not only use the mouse sensitivity clutch bound to a keyboard key, but also want the keyboard key to also function.

I’d like to setup the ctr key to do ctr and the mouse clutch. When using inter-device mapping, I lose the ctr key function. I tried using a macro, but I can’t get a macro to work with the clutch. I’ve opened a support ticket, but after days they just want a video of the ctr not working. The form emails read like no person has actually looked at the ticket. 

Any help on how to setup a keyboard key to addition trigger the mouse sensitivity clutch would be appreciated. 


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So you want to bind it to CTRL key and have CTRL key?

If you have Huntsman Analog keyboard you can configure - light press CTRL key, and hard press on CTRL = clutch for eg.

If your keyboard is different, then you might use Hypershift function (but then it’ll require pressing hypershift + CTRL key to activate it’s 2nd function).

If you’re using CTRL key in one app/game, and sensitivity clutch on CTRL key on another - then the easiest way is to setup a new profile, and bound it to specific app/game (but in this way you cannot have both on a single key).

FiszPL, yes. CTRL key in game holds breath while aiming. Adding the sensitivity clutch to the CTRL key press would be perfect.

I really appreciate your response. You’ve answered the actual question I was asking when Razer support could not after a week.

Thank you very much.