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Blackwidow Elite, hypershift lighting

  • 13 April 2020
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There currently is no way of controlling lighting when using hypershift on the Blackwidow Elite (and even on some other keyboard I believe) When you press the key, the lighting of the keyboard defaults to only turning on factory hypershift buttons, no matter whether or not you set extra keys, making the extra keys impossible to see if you use the keyboard in the dark, effectively rendering the hypershift to be kinda useless, leaving the keyboard with no proper space for macros

I saw older posts on this and Razer saying that it's something they'll work on it (here is an example). Well those posts are more than 6 months old (with the reply from a Razer employee being almost 2 yrs old) yet enough no changes have been done. Anyone know if there's any updates on this? or if it has been scrapped and we'll never be able to do this?

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3 Replies

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I just wanted to create the same post.
Hypershift is a great feature, but without lightning it's useless as mentioned above.

If i could set the lighting for particular keys, i could remember them and use when is dark!
Do we have any update on this feature?
samesies. every time I use a hypershift macro I look at the keyboard to double check before the lights go out!
I'm agree with you all. I have the same thing.