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Chroma profile for Lockscreen

  • 7 January 2022
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Oh yes, I know that there have already been many such topics, but this is still relevant. And every day it pisses me off more and more. I don't want the backlight profile to change when the screen is locked!
And you are probably already going to write, like this is a Windows limitation and this is the correct behavior. But you obviously don’t understand anything, so don’t embarrass yourself.
There is no limitation from Microsoft. Ask SteelSeries how to do it if you can't do it yourself. This is a huge problem. It can't be that I'm the only one who pisses off.
In addition, I noticed that when I turn on my PC, the backlight profile works on the lock screen due to the auto-launch of programs in the background (this is possible only on Win11), but after the screen is re-locked, the idiotic spectrum change is turned on again. I hate it.
Please Razer! 5 years ago I switched to SS, but now I'm back because their products are hardly sold in my country. And you have changed a lot over the years, the software has become much better, the devices too, but *** the backlight on the lock screen! Do something about it!

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