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Connect two Hardware Development Kits?

I just bought two Hardware Development Kits, but i only can connect one at the same time.
I found that:

"Can I have two(2) of the same products configured separately on Synapse 3?
No. If two(2) of the same product is connected concurrently, Synapse 3 will only allow configuration for the first detected product.

*This is the same behavior as Synapse 2.0."

Sorry, but that is stupid. I want to have one behind the desk and one in my case. Pls make it possible at least for the hdk, because this is something, where it makes sense to have more than one.

Or is there any way to connect both at the same time?

And ohh, i just found out, that the Visualizer in Synapse doesnt work with HDK, but the Keyboard Visualizer does. And it can also controll two HDKs at the same time, so nothing impossible there.

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