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Connection lost between Synapse and Hue

  • 17 August 2023
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Hello all,
I have my Hue Bridge connected to Razer Synapse. In the past, when I started my PC and logged in, my Hue Play Lights would automatically turn on and follow the stored RGB scheme in Synapse. So keyboard, mouse and Hue lights have slowly changed from one color to the other.
In the evening, I shut down my computer and use the Hue remote to turn off all the lights in the apartment.
For a few days now, this is still happening with my peripheral devices, but the lamps stay off (after computer startup). I then always have to manually start the Synapse software, click once on the Hue tab there and then it goes as usual.
Both Hue Bridges (and lamps) and Razer software are up to date.
Haven't found any useful information on this, after Google research. Has anyone here had a similar problem? And if so, how was it fixed? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

2 Replies

The only problem I have is that my Hue lights color freeze after enabling visualizer. After disabling visualizer, they go back to function properly. 

Synapse update (Version 20230908) fixed a few things including my problem described in the first post