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Constantly Have to Log Back into Razer.

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Why does Razer keep asking me to log back in?

It can happen multiple times a day.

I’ve tried reinstalling Synapse and Cortex.

I’ve tried changing my password.

Nothing works!

It has become a major inconvenience and irritation at this point.

Any suggestions?



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You aren’t the only one. They seem to have a major issue with either a software update or the login server. I don’t expect a reply to any of our posts.

Same Here. If I use as guest it just keeps resetting to default. I regret buying anything razer, and I never will again.

Hey Mate! 

I’d check a few things out: most installed clients or apps need a way to remember your login details. They can do this a few different ways though. It’s likely Razer synapse works on a system where when you login, synapse creates a “login token” that it encrypts and puts in the local storage wherever synapse is installed. For obvious reasons, the exact way that the razer servers connect your account and profiles to your local machine is unknown. 
I have had similar issues that I figured out were caused by me manually adjusting my computers identification settings. e.g. I had my ip address on a “dynamic mode” where it changed regularly to increase security. I would suggest making sure you’re internet settings are all set to default and your drivers are fresh, then I would also recommend that you don’t run any VPN’s at startup as synapse might be location based and require you to login when your ip changes dramatically.

Let me know if any of this helps!

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The IP address they (Razer) sees is assumed to be constantly changing, as 99% of users do not have static IP addresses assigned to them from their service providers. This means that having a static local address inside your local network has no affect on the address Razer sees you connect to the internet with. Using a VPN should also have zero impact on the Razer authentication process; to my knowledge they are not geo-blocking so authentication should work anywhere in the world.


Now, if they are using a token on the client computer to remember authentication details, like most other software companies, that’s fine as long as they don’t screw up their software code on the client or server. Seems like they have an issue there, as they seem to be the proud owner of one of the few software packages that has this authentication issue.


And to be clear, the Synapse software does authenticate, it just de-authenticates within one minute without the user logging out. How many times do you think you have to force a customer to log in before they throw your product in the trash?


How this has been a reoccurring issue for almost a decade boggles the mind.

hate this, why don’t just support all the devices but don’t invite me to log in and open the app siltentrly in the tray???

just add a “Remember me on this computer” flag!

having the same issue. happens like once a week. really annoying and needs a fix.

having the same issue. happens like once a week. really annoying and needs a fix.

It’s happening to me every other time I start/restart my computer. I have the “Remember me..” toggled on, but it makes no difference. I’d have gotten a different product if I thought I’d be hassled nearly every time I restart my computer.

Same problem. I have Razer headset. Each time you start your PC = enter your password AGAIN. 3 updates ago this problem did not exist for me. But not only did each update reset my equalizer settings and device profiles, but now it also requires authorization... so apparently the Razer Chair is their best product...because it does not require software.
Well, this is the last Razer electronic device that I will buy...unbelivible!

Still logging me out at random times, forcing itself into the foreground when it does so, why does this program that controls lights on a keyboard even NEED to be online 100% of the time?

It wouldnt be so bad if it JUST logged out, but no, it has to wrench me away from whatever the hell I’m doing at the time and tell me “oops! i’m incompetent and forgot who you are again”. Kind of a problem when you’re a company catering itself to gamers, and your program is potentially ruining people’s gaming experience by minimizing whatever the hell they’re doing, as if the blinky lights on the keyboard are the most important thing ever.

Granted, it can be very important, if the gamer is using the program to rebind certain keys. So i’ve got a couple better ideas. Either A: FIX THE LOGGING OUT PROBLEM (for real this time)

OR B: DONT REQUIRE AN ONLINE CONNECTION FOR THE PROGRAM TO FUNCTION. IT HAS ZERO REASON TO BE ONLINE, except maybe cloud syncing of profiles, but that doesnt justify 100% uptime on an internet connection.