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Error with Synapse, DeathAdder Elite and Cynosa Chroma

  • 31 March 2019
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Hello together,

since last friday, I am a happy owner of the DeathAdder Elite and Cynosa Chroma. After plugging them into my laptop (ThinkPad), my Windows 10 automatically installed the Synapse Software. The download took a few minutes, so I could used both devices without the Synapse software and without any problems. After the installation and first start of the software, the mouse and keyboard started to be mad. Every minute, both devices freezed on the screen and disconnected / connected to the laptop. After closing the Synapse software, it worked normally again. Does anybody know this problem?

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1 Reply

Hi there, @MZN500! Sorry to hear about your experience with your Razer products. Can you send me the serial number of your Razer DeathAdder Elite and Cynosa Chroma through PM? Let's continue from there.

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