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Exporting Synapse profils, studio and devive setups

  • 19 September 2019
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Hello, i am installing a new gaming computer and i'm going to use my razer keyboard and Tartarus on it of course. So i was hoping i would just install Synapse on my new machine, export all my setups (profils, studio, device setups) to a file and then import this into Synapse on my new machine. But there is no global export ??
I checked the appdata folders, hoping to find a presets folder for razer or synapse, but nothing?

So, my questions is : do i have to re-program everything i have setup in Synapse by hand on my new machine ?? If so, that's kinda weird in this age of technology 😞 😞

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1 Reply

ok, i have found out that i can export profils, studio, device setups group by group, going to try that, a global would have been great, but this should work 🙂