Hello Razer devs, Please be cool enough to provide support for kraken V3 PRO for older versions of synapse by Providing firmware & software updates OR make Thresher V2 | Razer Insider

Hello Razer devs, Please be cool enough to provide support for kraken V3 PRO for older versions of synapse by Providing firmware & software updates OR make Thresher V2

  • 12 April 2023
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Hi… Previously i had Razer Thresher and it worked great on windows 8.1 and since the thresher had earcups started to tear a little bit inside due to aging, i wanted to purchase thresher again but according to your business strategies, you dont seem to sell the same model for more than 3 years(unable to find a new razer thresher headset to purchase anymore) so, i planned to buy kraken V3 PRO and it now seems to be a bad decision due to many reasons which i’ll tell you below.. Read more on the thread which i made on Reddit (read it later after you finish reading this post, ill add a new follow up thread for this post tomorrow on reddit)


i have used 3 razer headsets before … kraken 7.1, Man o War and Thresher and according to my Experience, thresher was the BEaST … i tried thresher on a console but the sound and experience was below average…..

BUT while i used it on my ROG win 8.1 laptop, sound was extraordinary… mostly due to synapse and razer headset syncs really well with Asus sonic tech… By default, i was using your TECHNO EQ preset for atleast an year and only later i came to knew it’s always setting up custom Equalizer will always sound the best..

see the settings here 



Now, Coming to the Razer Kraken V3 Pro, while i saw it on the product page, the earcups and design looked similar to thresher (circle shaped) but when the product arrived, its actually oval shaped and thresher seems to be thick and bigger in every headset body aspect which i expected kraken V3 pro to be but in reality it isn't, the kraken V3 headset gets super tightly locked into the ear and feels tight… for example, it looks like we need a track pants with a shape of L or XL but the manufacturer sended you the Medium range…. even if we need L, we would sometimes go for the XL for enhanced comfort, i hope you relate this analogy with headset(kraken V3 pro feels tight in the head whereas thresher was absolute state of perfection(headset body and earcups size design))….i dont understand why you dont products like thresher anymore?… maybe i feel this way for kraken V3 due to headset being new ? but i compared thresher and kraken v3 pro in real time by having both headset in both hands and thresher seems bigger….anyways this issue is only like 10% of disappointment


60% of the issue/disappointment for me is due to lack of software support, see kraken v3 pro gets showed up on the program but its in greyed out state

if i turn on surround it activates the SAMSUNG TV’s audio and what’s surprising is i am able to control the tv audio’ sound eq settings with this software but unable to control an actual RAZER product…. Samsung tv audio and clarity is boosted 10x  by using this software and custom eq settings while the samsung tv sound default settings already sounded good, this programme has made NU8000 great… i wanted to achieve the same for razer kraken v3 too so please be cool and generous enough to make an update to this program as well as for the firmware to support win 8.1

Win 8.1 is the FASTEST Microsoft OS up to date… Both win 10 as win 11 are no where close to win 8.1 in terms of speed and performance…. i had an higher image of the company razer in my head and its depressing to see you get on the bandwagon and neglect the win 8.1 and win 7 users… please choose to be unique and send portability updates because i know you could do it if you wanted it, its just i think that you also have that mentality of everyone has dropped support so why should we continue ? please dont choose to be like that and strive to be superstar…. i am not asking you to make a fully working computer like making a new advanced cpu, gpu and other hardware by becoming an alternative to nvidia, intel to support win 8.1… i am only asking you to consider changing your mind and add support for these older versions of synapses on win 8.1 by providing an update…

i didnt wanted the headset lights to be turned on all the times & consuming battery so i installed the synapse3 on win 11 VM using my win 8.1 and got the lights to be turned off


i also turned off power saving mode and these settings changes are permanent…. but unable to control eq settings and the equalizer ui on the older versions of synapses seems to be better so please add an update for this program and show some love for it, you dont need to work on making updates to ui as the older versions of synapse are already too beautiful, futuristic and whats more awesome ? it’s lightweight and extermely low on system resources like it has only 1 background process, RazerSurround VAD streaming service… i really love this version of synapse….all you need to add is portability for this kraken v3 pro and ability to control headset lights on this version of synapse itself…. only thing kraken v3 pro offers something new is the enhanced bass which you call it as hypersense… Alright, its great...idk what these other users were complaining…. hypersense has no issues on win 8.1 … maybe those users are running win 10 or win 11?…. anyways, this great feature is belittled due to lack of this software support, no eq controls and disappointing oval shaped earcup design, idk why you would choose to go on oval shape and make the headset to be tight on head...Razer thresher was/is so much comfortable to wear….


In the End…

Razer Thresher 

Comfort and headset earcup body design - > 10 points/10

Sound, clarity → 10 points/10

Eq customization → 60 points/60

Surround Sound → 20 points/20

Total Awesomeness points → 100/100

Razer kraken V3 Pro

Comfort → 3 points/10

Sound Clarity → 8 points/10(lack of eq control)

EQ Customization → 30 points/60 (this score is for your default settings and not providing the ability to customize it, default is good, but i believe if i were given control, i could set up something better which fits for my needs)

Surround Sound - > 15 points/20 (lack of customization -5 points)

Hypersense → 10 points/10

Total Awesomeness points → 66/110

you could increase your points from 66 to 103 if you could just be generous and caring enough to provide an update and show some love for older version of synapses in win 8.1 and win 7… if you could see the task manager comparison in the above image of windows and background processes count, you’ll understand why win 8.1 is the fastest os…. please get off the bandwagon and remember that it was the same you who made that older razer synapse...i dont think anyone would troll you for providing an update…. hope you choose to be cool and justify my purchase of kraken v3 pro and avoid being a reason for me to start finding reasons on why not to buy razer products anymore….. 

giving something awesome and not allowing to control it by taking away the support is really not cool and hope you realize it soon enough… currently i can use the razer kraken v3 pro but not LOVE it…. when you buy something, in the first few weeks of using it, you should get the excitement whenever you turn on the headset, i got the headset today and after coming across these lack of software issues, i lost the excitement as well as the specialness towards the product...i hope this situation changes in the very near future and ill be able to see kraken v3 pro as in the same way of thresher is shown below as i started to use it back again despite the earcups has been torn a little bit… 

if you cannot do this for kraken V3 Pro, atleast release a new headset like Thresher V2 by adding win 8.1 support and i’ll be sure to buy it… thank you.

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