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How Shut Off Cloud?

  • 20 May 2019
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Hi. Love my razor keyboard Blackwidow Chroma v2. Working perfect for years!

Have only one inconvenience. I play Ark Survival Evolved which is well known for constant crashing. Not Razer's fault. But I need to be able to restart my game along with entire frozen computer →As →FaSt →aS →pOsSiBle→ after a crash. So I kinda need Razer's Keyboard to stop taking TIME accessing the cloud. Because I cannot execute launch of the Steam Client until 5 min later Razer keyboard has synced with the cloud.

How do I shut off cloud sync? Can my keyboard just remember my last settings and not have to sync up with the cloud? Where do I shut off cloud sync?

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few things 😛 what version of synapse you use becose on synapse 2 you have offline mode on synapse 3 at this moment you must have internet connection to log to your razer account. Synapse 3 at windows boot dont sync but connect to your account when you made change in profile then synapse sync to save your profile changes to cloud.