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Make Razer synapse compatible with 32bit systems.

  • 3 December 2021
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Why does Razer synapse need more than 4GB of ram? I literally got my first Razer Device and it works superb! Except I can't change the key mapping as my PC only runs 32bit, since Razer Synapse only works for 64bit systems. I've tried reinstalling Windows to 64bit but it doesn't work. I've also tried running a virtual machine for 64bit but my PC isn't capable of running 2 OS.

Please, I've asked my friend to change to mapping but I always need to change stuff. They're also moving out next year so I can't make anymore adjustments. It's a huge pain because It's my first gaming peripheral and I love it so much but I can't customize to games I like to play :(

So Razer please, if you could convert Razer synapse to be compatible with 32 & 64 bit it would help a ton.

Q1 Is Synapse capable to run with 32 bit systems? Q2 Does Synapse really need more than 4GB ram?

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