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Mapping a second function to one key Tartarus V2

  • 18 April 2023
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Hi All, I recently purchased my first Razer product and I am impressed with the product and functionalities. I currently use device for Division 2 and Star Citizen. I do however have a issue with programming the device, which is most likely due to lack of simple programming skills. I have no issues setting up alternate keystroke but struggle to program a single key to perform two functions for example:

I wish to perform 2 function with Key 1 press the key once and the letter U (power to ship) is activated followed by pressing and holding down the Function key (20) then press key 1 again to activate the letter I (power engines).


As indicated I have no issues assigning single functions to a key but I am unable to program a single key with the letters U and I. I am searching for a Synapse functionality “Alternative Keystroke” to achieve the desired outcome without luck.

A kingdom for a solution...Kind Regards Raff


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You can use Hypershift function to enable “2nd layer” of keybinds.

Bind hypershift to a desired key, then on bottom (under tartarus image) there is a Standard/Hypershift layer switch - switch to hypershift and then do your customization.

To activate hypershift - just hold hypershift button + click on desired key.

Good Evening FiszPL,

Thank you kindly for taking the time to reply. I was able to configure the Hypershift function as per your instructions.  Thanks again, much appreciated...Raff-erty