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My Razer Synapse keep "bug"

  • 28 April 2019
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Hi everyone, I have a problem with my razer synapse 2. It all runs fine as it should one day, I wiggle to reset my PC, I download all my games and programs .. and razer synapse I can log in to my user but cannot access my keyboard. It keeps saying I need to register my protector, but I can't do that now I have already done so. I can't remove my keyboard and add it again. There are no problems with synapse 3. but will use 2! : D I hope some can help me, I'm a little lost.

Translated with google translate !!!

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Blackwidow chroma v2 is supported by Synapse 3 so you should not bother with the 2.0 version. And if it doesn't recognize it from the 1st plug in, try and replug it again. It shouldn't matter if you registered for warranty or not.