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Need help creating macros

  • 26 February 2020
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I' m not sure how to determine the delay seconds for a given macro. I'm trying to have the macro preform different actions that involve alternating between clicking and a keyboard function. is there a a formula to determine the seconds? I'm trying to make it for a game that involves attack speed so the delay seconds would be different for each time the attack speed increases. I'm a noob at macros. Could someone help me please?
Also, Is it possible to assign a keyboard function and a mouse click to perform at one time. Example. Shift + left click and assigning it to number 1. Any help would be appreciated.

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I'm no expert with Synapse and my experience is completely anecdotal so don't take this as an official answer.

To my knowledge there is no "formula," more trial and error.

As for your last question, it doesn't record the macro simultaneously, but more in quick succession so it would look something like this:

You may be able to modify the timing in between each input but I think there's a limit to how fast it actually executes.