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new occuring problem; sprint cancelling with wolverine te, holding focus

  • 18 March 2021
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i just got a replacement wolverine te a month or two ago; had a problem with my LB button spring wearing out and gravity would activate it.

i rubberband my M4 button with agility function and slow down my sensitivity by holding M3 with focus bound to it.

i’ve played like this for almost a year i think and no problems; then in apex legends i was having serious problems with slowed movement and sprinting not working;

i thought it was the servers which a lot of it was; but just realized when i switched to destiny 2, that i can not sprint anymore when holding M3 focus, it is cancelling the sprint.

on apex legends with smooth running server times; the same thing is happening;

it is a real problem, because i use very high sensitivity to have instant response and pc like movement ability ; but now when i am trying to keep steady field of view when sprinting (i need my deadzone set to small, and the controller replacement i got has a R3 stick drift to the left; but it’s harder to see and aim while i sprint and also keep it steady for aiming precise slides and jumps;

i don’t know if it is a software issue and the app needs an update, but it’s really a problem; can i get some help please razer (i don’t think a replacement controller falls under warranty, but please let me know what i can do or if you’re techs will look into this problem for basic controller functionality with updating software please) ?

btw, sprint is bound to L3 single click

anyone else have sprint cancelling with focus function

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