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Not showing DPI changes while in games

  • 4 January 2023
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Goes from the title. When i switch DPI on my mouse and i am not in game it works perfectly fine.
Shows notification in bottom right corner of the screen. But when i enter any game DPI switch notofications doesnt show up anymore. any solutions?

8 Replies

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Sometimes it stops working and then reappears. I never paid much attention to it. because what mattered was the configs of the buttons.
I mean when you have different games and 5 dpi settings its really usefull to see when it changes in game..
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that's right but I use 1600-1800 regardless of the fps game, rpg, etc. I'm used to a fixed DPI that helps me with the accuracy of the arm muscle motor system. and use the color of the led to indicate the profile.
it still doesnt mean the indication shouldn't work in games in purpose 😃
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the indication is optional and if it is preferred it is the problem. Do you simply want it to show in the game? this is not essential.
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in your synapse
1: create different profiles
2: change DPI, COLORS ETC for each profile at will.
3: link each profile to a different game on your synapse.
4: synapse will automatically manage profiles while changing the game.

Same issue, Razer Naga Trinity, and Andre’s work-arounds are not acceptable solutions when this did work fine half a year ago. I have other razer products that have popup notifications, those still work fine (black widow V4 command dial still shows when you change it)

  1. Launch game, whatever game you want. Do NOT shut down the game. 
  2. Switch over to desktop. 
  3. Log out of Synapse 3. 
  4. Ctrl-alt-del. Click on Services. (this is in Windows 11) 
  5. Stop Razer Synapse service. 
  6. Restart Synapse service. 
  7. Log back in Synapse. 
  8. Get back in game. 
  9. Should work. 

Razer Lancehead TE, Windows 11 Pro, RTX 4080, 13700K, Z790-E Strix Gaming Wifi, 64GB 6000Mhz DDR5, AE7 soundcard, SN850X NVMe drive, Game mode ON, Memory Integrity ON. No other background software running: just Windows Defender and Synapse 3. I do NOT have Armoury or Ai Suite 3 installed. 


System is running Windows 11 Pro with all latest drivers, BIOS and patches. 


I noticed games kill the DPI Notification. Then I need to do the steps above. I’m not sure if Synapse 2 did this. 


I do not know how the Razer layer (DPI notification) works as a subroutine in the OS with the graphics driver with the game. It’s obvious games block it and kill it. I’m not sure what API Synapse uses. .Net? Web API? 


Windowless, borderless, not windowed, it doesn’t matter. Serious Sam 3 kills DPI Notification. Borderlands 3 kills it. Games in general. it’s a software issue.