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Petition to get rid of spectrum cycle default

  • 28 August 2019
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I am disgruntled right now and have found that many others are for the same reason. Synapse 3 "beta" has a fundamental flaw and what most would consider a regression:

When devices using synapse 3 lose communication to the application (lock windows, reboot, etc.), the spectrum cycle mode kicks in until communication with synapse is reestablished. This has been voiced since the release of synapse 3. This was not the case with synapse 2, hence why I classify it as a regression. Unfortunately the latest devices are no longer compatible with version 2, which is the basis for my frustration. The only real "reason" I have found that Razer publicized about why this happens is that the lighting configuration memory management is done solely through the application instead of the devices hardware/embedded-software because of the more complex capabilities in certain lighting effects offered in the new version.

Ideally we would like the devices to keep the last configuration set. An alternative solution that avoids the devices' hardware/embedded software dealing with these advanced lighting settings, that I believe many would support as well, would be a few basic options like a few static color options to choose from that the devices could default to instead of the spectrum cycle when communication with Synapse is lost, or at the bare minimum the option to have no back lighting when this occurs.

I really hope this thread makes some traction with internal customer advocates.

I encourage people to show their support (civilly) for a solution to this issue. By either giving a possible solutions, commenting in agreement or simply dropping a like on this post. I have really enjoyed my experience with Razer and do not want to see them discard this issue that, since Synapse 3 beta release, has been brought up by so many of the loyal customers that have purchased their items and funded their operations for so long. Please do not put down anyone's ideas. We are here to make suggestions and get Razer to hear it's customers in hopes of moving toward a resolution.

Thank you for your time

The Customers

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