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Problems with synapse 3.0

  • 25 September 2019
  • 29 replies

I am struggling with synapse 3. Tried the uninstall and everything. My connection speed is not the problem. Running Win10. Does anyone have a hint of what to do.

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29 Replies

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Well after some high levels of frustration and some serious digging into the config files etc... what it ended up was a shortcut, triggering a shortcut running an exe file in a buried directory in X86 so on and so forth. The trick for me was to elevate the exe to administrator and then manually load (although I could put it in startup) when I fire up the machine... All good now and has been for the last few startups... NOW I'm trying to "lock out" the auto update on Synapse....!!! Wish me luck people!!!

Hey man! Good for you!
Hello Everyone,
I have the same problem. Contacted support. Went through their instructions on a clean re-install. (took hours). And still have the same no launch situation.
Please share your fix. I liked the hardware for the 5 days it worked. But I feel like I should have just got a cheap chinese ripoff, I would have expected this level of disappointment.
I just made a post on this but who knows, maybe it will get seen here quicker. My synapse 3 download stops 2/3's the way through. Had a bug with 2.0 and a tech told me to get rid of it so i did. Kinda p*ssed that i gave up a decently working app for something I cant even run.
Just bought the Mamba Elite and Blackwidow. Installed Synapse 3, and it won't even launch. Took to the internet trying to find a solution, and nothing other than the fact anything made by Razer is poorly supported. About to just go ahead and return as it seems like I'm not the only one having issues with their products. I tried uninstalling, and wouldn't uninstall on its own, tried to modify and no success there either. Would be nice to see them respond to at least 1 person with a fix.