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Razer 15 240hz & Synapse

  • 16 May 2019
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Right now, I'm unpleased with my purchase, specifically around the use of this software. My laptop did not come with it preinstalled, so I went ahead and installed Razer Synapse 2 first (to avoid a broken beta on 3). Synapse 2 doesn't even detect my laptop as being a supported Razer device.

I then decided to install Synapse 3, and boy is it the most cluttered piece of software I've seen. It asks me to see the "Tour" every time I launch it, and it does not save any of my options like "Enable Gaming Mode", "Light Configurations," etc. I am also trying to simply enable lights on my keyboard, and it is the most convoluted process.

Is there a simpler download so I can simply enable lights like it was in 2.0? Or do I need to sign up for a college course on 3.0?

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Can you upload the Synapse 3 screenshot? It’s quite weird usually after first installation it should come preinstalled. Like this (from early 2019 rtx model, I don’t have rtx model).

If it’s not preinstalled try Factory reset it again, if there’s still no, contact support to get right Synapse 3 version, because your screen refresh rate is 240Hz, it may be other 2 options available to choose 144Hz and 60Hz options unlike 144Hz model which is only 60Hz and 144Hz.
You can skip the course and go to Synapse 3 main screen usually.