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Razer kraken Ultimate Sounds wierd and no Bass

  • 7 November 2023
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So my Razer Synapse 3 updated today the 7.November.23 to the 3.8.1031.110202 and it doesnt even sound close to what it sounded the last 4 Years. Since the update that changed where the equalizer is, it just sound realy flat and without any Bass. I Deinstalled and Reinstalled the app more than once and deleted the Headset drivers as well and it doesnt change anything. I kinda think it has to do with the THX Spartial audio because changeing from stereo to thx doesnt add a lot of bass and doesnt turn on the extra light on the headset as well. It really sound like a trashy 30€ headset and i dont understand why it isnt posible to use an older version of synapse 3. Please let me know if this is a known issue or if someone else has this problem and if possible how to use an older version of Synapse 3

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I have the same problem. I updated Razer Synapse and it seemed to break everything on my computer audio related. Sounds like im using $2 headphones from wish.