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Razer Synapse 3 notifications

  • 2 July 2023
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My Razer Synapse app keeps stopping the DPI notifications once or twice each month. I have to reinstall the software every time to get it working again. 

Not just in-game notifications but both in-game and Windows desktop. I bought Basilisk V3 mouse at January or February (not really sure) and the app worked fine up to March. Starting from April I’ve had to reinstall the app for five times already.

“Display on-screen notifications” has been ticked all the time. Is there an Windows setting I should look into, or is the problem within the app itself? It’s starting to annoy me because I have all five steps ranging from 1500 into 9600 DPI and if there is no notification even on desktop, I just constantly keep pressing the + one time too many and end up back in 1500. “Skill issue” no doubt but still I’d like to have the notification box to help.

1 Reply


I have to repair the app three times every single day because it just stops working constantly. Will not recommend Razer to anyone. Worst application I’ve ever seen.