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Razer Synapse 3 won't launch when the system starts

  • 18 April 2019
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Hi there ! Just as the title says, Synapse 3 refuses to launch when I start my pc; I have to manually launch it. In the settings menu, both Auto-Launch options are checked. I've also tried to force it to launch at startup with Task Schedule system app & through the system's register. Nothing works.
This started a few days ago when I was trying to fix another problem (Synapse would start, but not minimized, and staying on top of any window, although the option was checked from day 1 and I never changed it). All I did was uncheck both, close Synapse, reboot, then open Synapse manually, check both both settings again, then reboot again.
After this, Synapse stopped automatically launching, even though the 2 options are checked in the options menu. I ran out of ideas so I'm asking you guys for help.

As a Side note, I've checked all services through services.msc (right after booting); All Razer services are running except for "Razer Synapse Service" and "Razer Game Manager Service". These two will only start when I manually launch Synapse 3. All Razer services are set to "automatic".

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