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Razer Synapse 3 wont Detect Viper Ultimate Mercury

  • 23 October 2022
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Yep, my razer synapse 3 wont recognize my razer viper ultimate as the mercury edition so its goes black in synapse
Surprisingly, the charging dock still on mercury edition
I've been using the viper ultimate and the synapse since around February 2022
The synapse working fine from the beginning, it becomes like this probably around a month ago
The mice is working fine tho, its just i hate everytime i open synapse.. The dock is mercury but the mice is black
So, any suggestions? anyway, sorry if my english that bad ✌️

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Hi Ryudellz,

Try to repair the Synapse application by following the steps here. If that didn't work, proceed by performing a clean installation of the app. You can check this guide for the steps. If you're still experiencing the same issue, please let me know through PM so I can start a case and forward your concern to the software team for an advanced resolution. Thanks!

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