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Razer Synapse Default mouse profile

  • 18 September 2020
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I have at least a dozen profiles for my Basilisk V2. Most if not all of them have specific games tied to them.

I also have ONE profile meant for desktop/day to day use. Is there any way to set this as my default desktop profile? I find, more often than not, I'll exit a game and my mouse just snaps to another random profile even though the associated process isn't running.

I'm talking about an actual option within the profile or synapse, not selecting explorer.exe as its associated process. This seems like an issue that should have an actual solution/set of options, not just a workaround like that.

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1 Reply

It's very frustrating and worrying as a new Razer product owner to come into this and find out this is an issue. It seems blatantly obvious. I might return my mouse and get a logitech product - not a better company but, the devil you know, right?