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Razer Synapse for Mac OS! We want it!

  • 23 January 2023
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Hi everyone, I'm switching to Mac os soon and I was horrified to learn that Synapse 3 does not support Mac os.

This is complete nonsense! I have 3 sets of devices, white, pink and black (I change them according to my mood), I have more than 20 Razer devices. I love Razer and use only this brand for my computer. But what the hell? Why can't you make Mac os support and a convenient program? Razer you just don't respect your regular customers!

It's already 2023 hello! Many people buy Mac, new M2 Pro chips and others - they have excellent performance for games! Make this damn app, stop being slowpokes.

3 Replies

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I agree, on behalf of new customers as well. I finally decided to give Razer a chance with the Huntsman V2 Analog, and it’s superb; I then decided to get a Mini linear version as well. I use multiple OS’, with MacOS and Windows being primary; it’s quite irksome to not even be able to store my RGB setting onboard either board, given the absurd decision to supporting MacOS, just at the time when their market share has begun surging due to superior chip architecture.

I don’t like being punished for choosing Razer, especially given that I took a chance on them. Razer, you risk losing some whales with this direction; don’t be stupid

They don’t care.  this request has been put forth by mac users for YEARS and I honestly think they dont have plans to ever support us.  My own issue, is that I use an older razer mouse because it’s small and fits my hand perfectly.  but now one of the games I play is giving me some annoying lag.  All the suggestions I can find tell me to lower the dpi on the mouse, but I cant do that if I cant configure the mouse in synapse.  C’mon Razer,  Mac users are real gamers too!