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Razer Synapse with USB hub.

  • 12 July 2023
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So, I've done some research, and have come up with mixed answers on this topic.


But here is an overview of my problem, and what I would like to do to fix it.


My PC is mounted to the wall, but it allows for limited placement of some of my Razer devices. I want to continue to use Razer Synapse connectivity, but add a little extra length to my devices. I was checking into using a powered USB hub to connect all of my devices to, but from my understanding, it won't work with Razer Synapse.


For reference, I'm using a wired Razer Naga(2012), a Razer Huntsmale Elite keyboard, Razer nostromo keypad, Razer goliathus extended chroma, Razer base station chroma, and a Razer basilisk mouse charging dock.


The Main problem I have is that my Razer base station chroma has such a short USB cable, that I can't. Connect it to the back of my PC. Is there a solution to be able to extend the length of my base station chroma, while still having support for Razer Synapse?


I would however, if it's possible, like to connect all of my Razer peripherals to one central hub, to free up a few ports on my desktop. If there is a solution to this, I would appreciate it greatly!

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So i have a similar issue but with a razerblade advanced 15. the issue is synaps 3. powered usb hub would work or even synaps 2 devices, but the moment you connect keyboard and mouse to the sam hub be it powerd or not it will give you issues. less so if synaps is off but still some issues.


my setup is using a powered usb hub connecting a death adder elite and the ornata v2 connected directly to the machine. 


now heres the pickle: even if im using an unpowered hub with the mouse / keyboard while ingame with synaps i have considerably less issues. i have tried endlessly addressing the driver issue with support and it just keeps going around in circles. the issue is clearly synaps but what exactly is unsure. 


so use a powered hub and dont connect both keyboard and mouse to it at the same time. if you have issues shut down synaps. im using a TP-Link Powered USB Hub 3.0 which after trying multiple hubs is the better one so far