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Recent Synapse 3 update hosed mouse profile switching

  • 28 February 2019
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First & foremost, let me say, this is my 2nd Naga mouse. I owned the Naga 2014 because of the many buttons I could use to program for hotkeys with Autodesk Maya. Please understand, I primarily use this to work with content creation software that includes; Autodesk Maya, Unity3d, Visual Studio & Photoshop.

When the 1st Naga started dying, I decided to get the Naga Trinity over other comparable mouse from Corsair or Logitech; because from past experience, the Synapse software included with the original Naga was responsive, out of the box. IT WORKED REALLY WELL for my needs.

I switch between software applications mentioned above, FREQUENTLY. I had no issues switching back & forth. That was the biggest deciding factor in me getting the latest Naga.

This has not been my experience with Synapse 3. Instead, I bought an $80 mouse that came with software that is, to this day, is still IN BETA.

Out the box, mouse profile switching was iffy at best. Eventual updates made this issue better. But with the LATEST update released, mouse profile switching no longer works!

I installed the update with the hope that mouse profile switching would finally be fixed or at the very least, vastly improved. Imagine my dismay & frustration that now, I actually have to manually switch application profile.

I understand your primary market are gamers- but I can't believe your QA department isn't testing software through MANY DIFFERENT USES outside of gaming, prior to public release!

I'm thoroughly disappointed with this product. I hope you can release a fix to this extremely annoying problem ASAP.

There's a lot more I'd like to say, but I'll keep it short: I have buyer's remorse.

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