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Scroll Wheel custom haptic curve feature removed?

  • 20 April 2023
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I just picked up the Razer Naga V2 Pro and I don’t like any of the scroll wheel presets. I watched the video from Razer themselves on how to adjust the scroll wheel settings here:

And at 1:38 you can see they have 5 individual points you can adjust to make a nice custom curve.

I wanted to make the standard curve but reduce the tension to feel more like regular mouse wheels. When checking Synapse though, the only one you can change is the custom one, and they only offer 3 points of adjustment, basically giving you only 2 lines to control, with 2 other points changing the curvature of the two lines. This is so much worse than having 5 points which gives you 4 lines to control and makes it impossible to even replicate something like the standard preset curve.

I don’t know if this is because of new Synapse software or new mouse software, but it’s a depressing concept and in my opinion bricks the whole purpose of custom haptic graph. Why the hell would they take features away instead of improving them?

Not sure if I should put it under Synapse category or Mice so apologies if it is under the wrong category

1 Reply


I have naga v2 pro and Logitech G903 - when it comes to scroll wheel the Logitech wheel is still unmatched. I wish naga v2 pro use such wheel instead of current hyper solution. Additionally the Synapse profile management software: after Logitech seamless experience, everyday I’m reconsidering my decision to buy such expensive Razer mouse. I have only 2 profiles: for work and gaming. Everyday Software creates new default profiles and I have to change it to mine in Synapse. After such change I have to set my custom wheel profile, as it gets reset in my saved profile. After I do it, I have to restart Synapse to implement the  change - otherwise it’s not applied…