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Syanpse Update STEALS FOCUS

  • 6 April 2019
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Seriously, wtf happened, Razer? Your new synapse software was obviously designed by a social media team with no gaming experience.

The UI is unintuitive and split up in a million tabs that seem to be primarily concerned with data mining.

The macro builder is a joke and obviously was not programmed by a gamer - just doing something as simple as having one button depress a key and another release it requires text editing the XML import files.

And then, to top it off, on a driver that is supposed to be for GAMERS the fricking update STEALS FOCUS from the game I am playing to tell me its important to update my data mining app...

How the hell did this make it through QA? Stealing focus from a game you are playing at a critical moment is so bad, I do not think ANY other HID manufacturer has EVER made this mistake in the entire history of PC drivers. Ever. What the hell is going on, guys?

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