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Synapse 3.0 Install Error - Server not Available *STARLINK FIX*

  • 14 February 2023
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So i had this issue today when reinstalling Synapse 3.0 and no matter what steps i took to disable my FW, Antivirus, remove drivers, etc. - none of it worked. As a last ditch resort to remove my internet connection from the equation - i disabled my LAN connection from my STARLINK internet service and connected to my cell phone's hot spot to try the installer again. VOILA - the install fired right up and worked flawlessly. There is definitely something with STARLINK's service that prevents the installer from working. What exactly that is, i dont know - but at least now I know where the problem resides! It's likely due to the fact that our routers dont connect directly to the internet and as such - there's some PnP or other NAT issues at play (also why i occasionally have problems playing online games).

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