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Synapse 3 20230216 update bugging out with Ornata v2 lighting

  • 25 February 2023
  • 2 replies

Ever since the 20230216 update was deployed, my Synapse 3 is experiencing significant bugs: The first symptom was the lighting settings on the Ornata v2 keyboard would not switch and unluckily, it got stuck on a very limited light game profile. I could not change it, fetch or design new profiles in Chroma or even reliably interact with the UI.

A full clean install of Synapse return things to normal… until the updater fetched the current update again, when the bugs returned in full. Removing the Chroma add-on allowed me to restore some lighting and I can actually see my keys, but even now the software doesn’t start properly. I need to kill it and restart, sometimes more than once, to get the lights back. 

Any ideas what’s going on, how to fix it or when it might get fixed? Anyone else experiencing same problems?

2 Replies

I have the same issue and it’s extremely annoying. Best I could do was running a bat that kills all the synapse processes and restarts synapse + replugging the keyboard and mouse. The internet is empty, no one has a fix for this. Tried on 2 different computers with Windows 11 and windows 10 on both intel and amd based computers, fresh installs, no synapse account profiles, newly created light profiles etc, all behave the same. Needs a fix ASAP.

I managed to get it back and running by switching the Chroma colours off back to defaults, restarting Synapse and putting Chroma back on. It breaks occasionally, but at least I can see my keys!