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Synapse 3 - Freezing After Swapping Profile - Naga

  • 30 August 2019
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I am having great issues with my Naga tinity and Synapse 3. After gaming for a short while, it will have huge delays between pushing a side button and it activating on screen. 10+ seconds. This does not effect my top buttons, or mouse wheel. I will open synapse 3 and try and swap profile, but it just freezes. I get a red ! beside the on board memory icon and it says - your profile did not transfer successfully to your devices white on board memory slot. please try again.

I have tried unplugging the mouse and using a different usb slot, which fixes it for a while, maybe 10 minutes, but the same problem comes back. The synapse just freezes when i try and change profile. I have uninstalled, and reinstalled it several times. My PC is fairly new, like 3 months. My last mouse worked fine. The mouse if also only a couple months old.

I play my games in full-screen windowed mode, which I read may have some effect. I have used the old nagas with synapse 2 for years without issues. What is wrong with this product?

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1 Reply

Same here. It freezes also during simply configuring the profiles with Synapse window on screen.
Especially when I wanted to set different DPI to different profiles. It not only freezes, I had to kill Synapse 3 process and start it again.
Even switching from Razer central icon in system tray -> I try to switch between the profiles by simply clicking them and it takes ages, when this is done.