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Synapse 3 Mac OS X Support

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It would be great if we could get some traction on adding support Mac OS X for Synapse 3. I just purchased my Blackwidow Elite and would like to use it for work too which is Mac. I am disappointed there isn't cross platform support, will there ever be cross platform support or should return my keyboard for another?

Are newer devices also compatible with Synapse 2?

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How is this still an issue.... It's been almost a year that this thread was created. A company with the calibre of Razer should have been able to fix this? Heck this shouldn't even be an issue in the first place...
If you don't planned to start working with Synapse 3 :frown_:, add ours devices to Synapse 2.0!
Yes.. At least that!
Sup. any comments from yours side?
Just signed up to say how utterly disappointed I am with your company as I just bought a mouse from you.

I will NEVER buy anything from you again, it‘s a joke how you treat your customers. Heck, I will make sure that nobody I know will also buy anything from you ever again.
another one here, bought a naga pro and can't use it on my Mac :f
Hi everybody:

I use Karabiner Elements to change my keyboard key mapping or Tartarus key mapping. It's free.

And also I use BetterTouchTool to configure different behavior for the Mamba mouse buttons in different applications. Has lot of other features. 9€ plus VAT.

I now want to be able to map and change Macro keys in my Keyboard and the small buttons in my Mamba behind the scroll not to change sensitivity stage and use them for keyboard function.
So for that I had to install Synapse 1.87, update it and to be able to recognized then disconnect the usb cable and connect again. Well, not anymore. Follow reading.

I hope this helps some people.

Have a nice day.

Now in order to Synapse be able to discover your devices you need to unplug and plug your devices. This sucks. Thanks Razer.
# Install Razer Razer_Synapse_Mac_Driver_v1.87.dmg
# Do not reboot yet
# Open Terminal
launchctl load /Library/LaunchAgents/com.razerzone.rzdeviceengine.plist
launchctl load /Library/LaunchAgents/com.razer.rzupdater.plist
# Now you see Synapse Icon in Menu bar Open it and Update to version 188.20
# You avoid to reboot twice with this.

# What worked for me.
# Synapse in Offline mode in order to not to interfere with my BetterTouchTool and Karabiner setups.
# Install Xcode command line tools
sudo rm -rf /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools
sudo xcode-select --install
# Install uhubctl
brew tap mvp/uhubctl
brew install uhubctl
# Example from website
uhubctl -l 20-6 -p 3 -a cycle -d 2
Create a shell script named "":
before the end of the script I use this command to exit the Synapse 2 app from the menu bar.
launchctl unload /Library/LaunchAgents/com.razer.rzupdater.plist

# To launch the script every time you login with yout User
# Source
# Create a com.user.programtest.plist
cp com.user.usb_reset.plist ~/Library/LaunchAgents/

Better Instruction in
It would be great if we could get some traction on adding support Mac OS X for Synapse 3. I just purchased my Blackwidow Elite and would like to use it for work too which is Mac. I am disappointed there isn't cross platform support, will there ever be cross platform support or should return my keyboard for another?

Are newer devices also compatible with Synapse 2?

Anybody reading this post, if you are a mac user and you value having secure and up to date software and firmware for your devices, then it pains me to say, look elswhere.
Ive spent hundreds of dollars on their products myself, and while I do enjoy the performance and endless features when I use these with my pc, Its sooo.... not the same story if you use a mac.
Synapse2, (the only version compatable with mac) hasnt been updated in at least5-6 years, and is missing alot of features that windows users enjoy. So if you do most of your work(or play) on windows, its a worthwhile investment as far as productivity and gaming are concerned. But if you have come to rely more heavily on your mac as i have in recent years, youll definately regret the purchase!
I mean unless maybe apple buys razor, or some other unholy miracle happens soon. hope this helps
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The best thing to do is to switch your hand with RAZER products, there is no support for the Apple platform anymore !!
Guess I should return my Tartarus V2, what a waste of time
Will be returning my black widow lite and buying a Corsair, with a higher budget just out of spite. $100 out of their pockets and $200 in a competitor's for showing such a braindead lack of support.
just bought the razer pro type ultra and realized there is no synapse 3 for mac os. guess i have tu return although i like this keyboard very much. 😞
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Anyone still inside the return window?...iCue for Mac & Windows! Razer, wouldn't it be nice if your customers didn't have to install a VM on whatever OS they choose to work on for their inputs to work as intended? Honestly charge more and hire some coders.

Corsair iCue for Windows& Mac!

Another option other than Logi, thank you Corsair. I'm going with the K100, sorry Razer It's just too annoying.
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Apple is worth 3 trillion as of today...Razer? are you sure that Windows exclusivity is worth it?
This seems to work. At least far better than synapse.

This recognizes the mouse, and grants rgb controls.

This allows your side buttons to work.
Just Got a Razer Cynosa v2, Currently using it with the github application. RAZER PLS ADD THE MACOS SUPPORT FOR SYNAPSE 3
ive just bought Tartarus v2, and found that i cant use it on mac 🙂 lucky me i bought it preowned to try. buy anyway... didnt think that there are no mac support for razer soft in 2022

can someone advise what keypad to use on mac ? (not for gaming but for keybindings in Photoshop and so on?)
There Is a Github Application witch lets you customize RGB colors and mice sensetivity
Try it. Its completely safe, Here is proof.
Is Razer really that stupid they didn't make a v3 for Mac? Thank goodness I can return this trash product to Amazon
please devellop the synapse 3 for macos 11.4 ... I can't use It and i can't use my Razer tartarus V2 :-(


No Mac support? WTF?

Just bought a tartarus v2 keypad I can't use... didn't even consider keyboards not being compatible with Mac before I bought it...
I too have been duped into buying the Kiyo Pro and found my way here after digging around for support beyond "on" and "off". The amazon listing didn't mention compatibility at all and in 2022, one should reasonably believe Windows and MacOS are universally supported. I'll be returning this piece of useless trash immediately.
I'm thinkig of selling my naga pro since I mostly use Mac. Bad customer experience tbh.
I just recently purchased the razer homerun bundle and ever since I plugged all of the products into my mac, I had to use this I mean its pretty good and all but I've see what Razer Synapse 3 can do. It makes the github download look like trash. heck, its 2022. Razer, I bet you've hear this millions of times but I'll just say it again, please, and I mean PLEASE make razer synapse 3 compatible with mac. Just look at this thread it overlook all the people that need this.

A razer user, Superaxe222
Someone found this. The thread was locked so I am reposting it here. Confirmed it is working. A little clunky but I am sure you guys can figure it out. No button assignment, but colors, battery level and detection worked for my Naga Pro on Mac 10.14.6 Mojave

It does a pretty decent job with colors, but fire, ripple, and overlapping effects are nonexistent in this github download.