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Synapse 3 Mac Support

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I have also left.. Not supporting macs for sooo long is a no go for me. Take care.
Its sad to say goodbye after dedicating so many years to you guys. You say its For Gamers by Gamers, well don't gamers cross platform?! Guess your not true gamers for gamers. Switched to Mac OS for gaming and will never go back to windows. Sad. Not supporting Mac OS is not going to sell more of your gaming tech (laptops). Bad decision in my opinion. Goodluck and take care.
Just switched from Logitech since I liked the Blackwidow keys more but super bummed I won't be able to customize since the Blackwidow elite uses Synapse 3 and is not compatible with mac OS :slightly_sad: Can they come out with Synapse 3 for mac or at least update the Synapse 2 mac driver to support these keyboards with no macOS option???
No support for DeathAdder V2 on Mac as well. That's just pathetic as countless of people uses Mac these days.
Razer's obviously sleeping in class on this one. All these threads are not gonna change dime, they've had time. End of day they will be pushing away and alienating their Mac segment. Look back 20 years and ask yourself, are more people using Macs and have gaming become better on Macs? It's a yes to both.

Obviously it's not gonna break their business if the only value you care about is $$ at the bottom line, but giving crap about their macOS users will hurt them and their image going forward. They've been stalling for ages on what would happen instead of just being clear from the beginning, keeping us all in the dark and hoping. It's not like they are building rockets or a new OS. Let's be honest, they are building a driver (and some management software). They easily have the means to get a driver working on macOS. You even see opensource projects coming to the rescue though for Mac they are still far.

So all in all the decision is *very* questionable, but there's nothing we can do about it except look for a good alternative mouse and try and get a descent price for the old one and then let people know what kind of company Razer is, one that places the user last.
This is unbelievable. Looks like I will also have to return my Blackwidow (which I really liked). @ Razer, if you are reading this, please develop the synapse 3 for Mac.
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It will provide a better experience in mac though it will surely available one day
tried to custom in a windows vm, didnt go very well. think they should make it clear that Mac isnt supported wasted my money presuming it was. major companies always support windows/mac?
Well while I am looking this up to download on my Mac, I will just boot up in bootcamp mode and download it there and save it's settings. I am sure there has to be some way to change settings on Mac mode but ehh I am needing to change it to play games, and the only games I play is on windows mode
It was something I took for granted when I bought into this ecosystem. No current MacOSX support? Seems odd.. Oh I see steelseries does offer this. Bye!
I am sorry for the late response, however as far as I am aware, there are currently no plans to support Synapse 3 on Mac.

Why people really need it too I bought a mouse and now I can not use it on my laptop (macOS)
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I am sorry for the late response, however as far as I am aware, there are currently no plans to support Synapse 3 on Mac.
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I edit feature films with razer on mac and would LOVE to recommend it to my colleagues in film and TV. The hardware, imo, is the best out there. But we need synapse 3 for Mac! Please razer, get this out so I can stop sending my fellow editors to Logitech! I'm increasingly tempted to switch myself but am still holding out hope that you will listen to your customer base.
I have Kraken ultimate, Naga Trinity, and Chroma mat ... I can't even open them in razer synapse. Not sure what to do 😞