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Synapse 3's Equalizer stops functioning

Hi, ever since I've had my Razer Nari and Razer Nari Ultimate, I've noticed that my Equalizer stops working. There's a noticeable difference in sound quality too, before and after I 'repaired' Synapse 3. I've been in contact with Razer for a while and we tried basically everything. TLDR; They told me it's a hardware/software issue on my end. And basically stopped assisting me any further. So hence why I'm asking for help here at what might/could be causing this issue to happen cause I can't figure it out myself.

After I repair my Synapse, the equalizer works again and the sound quality is perfect. But this usually doesn't last long and almost always it goes back to being broken after I restart my laptop. Everything else works fine, the enhancements, mic and lighting. Any help is appreciated.

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Same thing has happened to me! No help so far either. I have a Razer Kraken Ultimate though but same exact issues. It seems to be something with passing information to the THX drivers. Help is really required on an expensive product like this that just flat out doesnt work with all the features
I'm having the same issue. I'll be messing with my EQ settings using Itunes as a reference and it will just stop accepting new setting altogether. They will set, but no audio changes will occur. Only fix seems to be restarting my PC. Incredibly salty I spent 180 dollars for software that doesn't function properly.
same, synapse eq not working.... last razer product ever
same here eq in synapse 3 doesnt seem to be functioning
I'm having the same problem for months with my nari ultimate headset. I read somewhere that uninstalling and cleaning the registry helped until synapse updated again. It doesn't work anymore, probably because the installer has been updated. This makes me think this is a software problem. Surely someone at razer can install this headset and hear that it doesn't work. I've confirmed that they don't work on three computers, the third one was a new laptop from my office with a fresh installation of Windows 10. I know the hardware is good because the headset was working fine when I got it.

Edit: I played around with this some more trying to narrow it down. I noticed that when THX is selected as the default output, the sound will come through the game channel no matter what the mixer settings are in synapse. This isn't terribly surprising since most of the other synapse settings aren't working but I thought it might add something for support to look at.

Updating the synapse fixed it for me. Hope it helps.
No change for me after the update. I'll try a clean install

Update: reinstall (with registry cleaning) didn't help
same problem for me. i cant report the bug through synapse and their website is a fucking mess. im so pissed of right now and eventhough i love my blackwidow and nari ultimate i feel like i never want to buy razer products again since they never care to fix their software
another update for synapse. no thx at all right now. thanks, razer.
Same here, EQ and Mixer don't work... awesome
well, I don't really know why I am responding because it doesn't seem that Razer actually cares whatsoever.. but I guess I would throw my hat in the pile.... I have Nari Ultimate headset and constantly have issues with Synapse Equalizer. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. A lot of times I can get the equalizer to start working again by rebooting, but sometimes it doesn't do anything. I am also running Razer Leviathan sound bar/sub and so I'm always switching back and forth between the 2 in my Windows sound settings.
this is what I did to fix my headset was go to sound control panel. click properties for thx spatial and go to advance and enable signal enhancements and that what fix my nari ultimate

edit: nvm that did not fix it
Why they dont fix this ffs.
Anyone able to get this fixed? The above about enabling enhancements is already ticked for me.
Same problem here it does not detect my profiles. Because it does not detect my game when starting it. I have to be restarting the pc for it to work
Same issue for me but what seems to have let`s say "tuned it down" to almost nothing is switching the audio output from THX to Game. Sound is the same and you don`t need to mess up with the "enable audio enhancements" options in the sounds settings.
it look like the synapse software stop detecting that it set to default. also, the button dose not work and even though it is set to default.
I am having this exact issue. Same issue as Rjgamer --- i have 'set as default' button -- but it is default. EQ does nothing, but it did last week when i first got the kraken headset....

EDIT: Performing a repair install seems to have resolved it, for now!
that what I did but it will go back after a while.
Any fixes yet? Recently got the Nari Essential and they worked perfectly. Then out of nowhere EQ doesnt work and THX surround is flat and awful.
Lately it does not fail, and I found a pattern on my pc, turn on the headset before the pc, at the moment it has been a week without failure
Lately it does not fail, and I found a pattern on my pc, turn on the headset before the pc, at the moment it has been a week without failure

Thanks for replying! I tried this and so far so good.
My Nari's work fine if I restart the PC /
If I close every razer service + GameManagerService.exe in the taskManagerDetails
I got a driver update today. It took forever to install. When it finished the THX outputs were missing so I rebooted and OMFG it's back. The quality!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Same issue with Razer Nari. None of the sound enhancements work. THX doesn't work either.

Re-installing / rebooting / cleaning registry doesn't help at all. I tried everything described in this thread. Can't even think about anything else to do.

Sound is worse than on wired Razer Kraken (which doesn't provide any great sound tbh). But maybe it's because of this Synapse issue.

Looking at folks here who are having this problem for months(!!), I'm thinking about returning my Nari and giving up on Razer.