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Synapse 3 update error

  • 9 November 2023
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Win 11 os.  Ryzen 5 5500, amd rx 7700 xt, 8gb x4 ram. Despite I have realized all suggestion to realize clean installation many times ( surely I do not have to do all this work after I pay a good amount of money for this device) I still get an  "installation failed contact technical support" error.  This is really a shame that make me do alot of staff to update my synapse. Why don't you have an effort to solve it simply instead of explaining how to fix it in  on dozens of pages linking us from one to another page. If I have to work on it for several hours to fix it, than make it opensource so that we develop the application instead of updating it. This is my first time purchasing a Razer product and I am really feeling stupid. 

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