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Synapse Balanced Fan Profil Problem

If i restart the Pro 17, the fan profile in balanced mode sets itselft to manual fan every time!

I am troubleshooting this for 2h now. Resettet the machines profile, reinstalled synapse etc.

if i shut down the Pro 17, Synapse keeps the auto fan mode. Only when restarting windows, fan profile changes itself to manuel and therfore the Pro 17 is loud, even when idling....

May be this is a bug or something?

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Am I the only one with this problem ?
(Razer Blade Pro 17 Early 2021, QHD/3070)

Even did a clean Windows install, same problem. Every time I restart Windows 10, the fan profile in Synapse changes itself from auto (silent when idle) to manual....

This shit drives me crazy.
A workaround for the stack overflows is to run synapse in the foreground rather than via synctl, and set the -n option (no redirect stdio): python -B -m -n -c homeserver.yaml.

I don't think I have this problem
I don't think I have this problem

It happens only after Windows restart I think