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Synapse doesn't recognize Tomahawk Mini ITX case

  • 18 November 2023
  • 4 replies

USB plugged in and case lights up, both THS and underglow but Synapse won’t recognize it. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, nothing. Case is listed as supported and even trumpets that fact on product page.

Called support, btw, after 8-10 minutes going around and around woman helping me said she’d be right back to walk me through some things then the line went dead. Tried calling back in several times but my number must have been flagged as only ever went to hold music after that, then “heavy call volume” announcement and then disconnected. Incredibly shoddy customer service for “premium” products.

4 Replies

Hi, any news regarding this issue? any solution ?

Having the same issue.  Synapse bot recognizing Tomahawk Mini-ITX

Do you know of any solution for this problem? Is there any other way to change the licenses on the case?

No, still nothing. Clicked on a link to youtube video on Razer support, basically a re-hash of “try uninstalling/re-installing Synapse then restart PC”. I tried uninstalling Synapse 3 and installing the newer beta but problem persists.

Comment section on video full of snarky vitriol about Synapse not recognizing a variety of Razer products and products not working at all (mostly headphones). Kind of amusing in a way but I feel sorry for the people who spent good money on something that doesn’t work and Razer’s indifference to the problem.

I must say that I’ve never experienced  a problem with Synapse not recognizing anything (mice, keyboards, RBG mousepad), except for this case. Everything functions reliably and the build quality is top-notch imo.