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Synapse not loading - just a grey screen

  • 15 May 2023
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Since the new update my razor app wont let me log in, it shows me an gray screen just similar as this person had (link to old report), I put the same name title as the old report of it and i wish to know if there was a fix for this? I have tried disabling the antivirus and firewall like the tips the old report had, i had no success.


Sincerely, Prince

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First, check  to ensure you don’t have old and new conflicting synapse versions.  There is very little reason to be running both 2.0 & 3.0


Close the app, navigate to the root menu where it is housed:

Razer\Synapse3\WPFUI\Framework\Razer Synapse 3 Host


Right click, and set “run as administrator”.  Open the app from here.  Report back if this works before Razer closes the thread.


And to the Razer support team, you bunch of colossal [REDACTED]:

Stop closing threads without linking to confirmed working solutions.

Do you not realize you are just creating a bunch of search returns that lead nowhere? 

Do you not realize this just results in a pile of collective noise?

A pile of nonsensical trash that just shows your butt?


😤Deleting the thread is unironically a better solution.😤


It is absolutely wild that there are multiple reports of this issue, over the last few years, and I don’t see a single support rep saying, “Uh yeah, just run as admin to get around whatever is blocking the connection, duh, you  dummy”.  Instead we get recommendations to go on a goose chase to find the offending party, as if your normal user has the expertise or TIME to bug fix for you.  LOVING basic applications needing always online login connections to even function.  Brilliant. 

You’re hardware even has the wonderful option to store this data onboard. But some knucklehead thinks having the ability to drag my peripherals over to a new comp and pull settings from the cloud should take precedent. In what hypothetical scenario is this even happening? Catering to professional gamers with a 100 profiles that don’t fit onboard?  Needing linked profiles between peripherals so when I drag my set up to work all my coworkers can get moist over my sweet RGB music responsive station?  ARE YOU HIGH? Do you think most application specialists are even going to allow an employee to install synapse on the company network?


I had OPs issue.  After reading all the responses I’d say I would never buy another razer product again.  But hey, you sell the only mouse I can get 60 functions out of... so go you, i guess. 

It is incredibly valuable to have all these options, all these macros.  But please backtrack and abandon some of this nonsense.