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Using Razer Synapse can permanetly ban you on Valorant

  • 14 April 2023
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I recently just installed the Razer Synapse App in my computer which I believe, led to my PERMANENT SUSPENSION of my Valorant account. FYI, I have been playing Valorant for almost 7 months without problems at all and installing Razer Synapse which was my newly installed app on my computer led to this problem. I also have never taken advantage of the game by cheating or by any means. I have spent over $200 on my skins only to find out that I can never have my account back.. I am so frustrated and upset by what happened and I hope Riot can give me an explanation to why I was banned. 

4 Replies

this also happened to me. i dont know where to get help...

This just happened to me on CoD Warzone.  I just put out another post related to Warzone but I reinstalled the Synapse app because it wasn't working.  Almost instantly, I was banned from Warzone.  When I appealed the ban, they said cheating software was found on my computer.  Waiting to hear back from Razer support since Activision just straight stonewalls you.

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That is a bummer! Hopefully somebody can solve it.  This doesn’t really help but I used to play Valorant a lot from when it launched mid 2020 to mid 2022 and I had Synapse installed the whole time with no issues.  They could have updated either Synapse or the anti-cheat’s in games though since then.😥

Yup... Activision denied my appeal and upheld the permanent ban.  I'm honestly scratching my head over here because I swear to God I'm not cheating and the only thing I've recently done is reinstall the Synapse app because my keyboard lighting wasn't working